Welcome to Goorsha, the Ethiopian act of love and friendship that is represented by hand feeding another person.

Ethiopia sits at one of the world’s great crossroads- sharing the Horn of Africa with Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somaliland, it lies at a critical juncture between Africa and the East. As the cradle of humanity it has deep roots and is a spiritual land steeped in ancient history, Christianity, and Islam, and with over 85 million people at an annual growth rate of 3.2% it is one of the fastest growing populations in the world.

Ethiopian culture is strongly represented through food. Beyond sustenance, the composition of Ethiopian cuisine has evolved from the land, seasons, migrations, and fire-pits of its people to represent a creative composition at the heart of cultural expression.

This blog project will explore past and present Ethiopian food, culture and traditions from Addis Ababa over the course of several months, including recipes, methods, and interviews with people thus linking the global community to contemporary Ethiopia.

As a food systems planner, I am interested in how we will continue to nourish our people and cultures in the future. From the fragrant spicy cuisine, to devastating famines, agricultural history, ancient traditions and contemporary urban lifestyles, there is much to explore and learn from Ethiopian people and their foodways.

Lynn Peemoeller is a food systems planner living in Berlin. Visit her website or contact her by email.