Ethiopian comfort food

I’ve tasted few things in Ethiopia more delicious than chechebsa (photo above) a snack or breakfast food made from thin wheat pancakes fried with spiced butter and beriberi, served with honey, yogurt or scrambled eggs. Sweet, spicy, and buttery, it is incredibly satisfying. It’s essentially Ethiopian comfort food, the kind your mother would make for you, and not commonly served in restaurants.

Since 2005 the the smart Addis based restaurant/coffee houses Yeshi Buna  have specialized in home style comfort foods like chechebsa, kinche which are crushed whole grains like barley or wheat (much like bulghur) mixed with spiced butter, genfo which is a rich porridge made from barley flour and spices served with a pool of butter, and derkosh firfir which can be any type of stew mixed with shredded dried injera fried in butter rendering a crispy richness. They offer a relatively long menu with many other traditional foods and pride themselves on their coffee and tea. Many foods can also be made vegan for fasting days and they will substitute oil for butter. But I guess, like with most comfort food, the butter is what makes it so good. Why call it butter?  Just call it love.

Photo below of derkosh fir fir, a vegetarian spiced stew/sauce with crispy injera