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I have to learn the environmental ethics of international seed swapping- there is a complexity of potential environmental, economic and social impact to sift through. I admit. If it’s a crime, I’m guilty. For years now I have travelled with … Continue reading

I recently met Camille Hoornaert a French Agronomist who studied the Ethiopian Agrarian system in Kambaata, in the south region of Ethiopia. (Development Perspectives for an Ethiopian Agrarian System Sinking into Crisis. Kambatta Agrarian Diagnosis 2011) I sat with her … Continue reading

It’s no mystery where fruits and vegetables come from in Addis Ababa. The Altkit Terra market located in Piazza is the main wholesale distribution market for the city. Spend a morning dodging baskets and handcarts tromping through the mushy streets … Continue reading

On the periphery of downtown Addis Ababa is the Salem Children’s Village, a multifaceted NGO serving orphaned children. The Children’s village was founded 25 years ago on a huge tract of productive land including a large vegetable farm, dairy, livestock, … Continue reading

Urban Agriculture is everywhere in Addis Ababa when you start to look for it. Mostly it’s done by individuals close to their homes on little slices of land in between buildings, train tracks, next to rivers and sewage canals. Some … Continue reading

Eleni Gabre-Madhin Talks about the new farmers commodities market in Ethiopia on TED

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