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Every Ethiopian I know says that Injera, the tangy crepe like bread that is the foundation for most meals, is an addiction. Once it becomes part of your daily diet, it’s very hard to go without it. Usually families will … Continue reading

Te’j Bet / Te’j House in Lalibela I love thy tangy sweetness and ancient power that transforms honey, the sweet soul of the flower into an elixir to sweeten the soul of man. Your magic has seduced me. I’ve successfully … Continue reading

This bread is habit forming. See earlier post on Spicy Sexy Teff Bread for details. Ingredients Yeast                                20 g, appx. half a block of fresh yeast or 2 Tbl. of dried yeast Teff flour                         400 g. teff flour or … Continue reading

Ethiopian spiced butter is the building block for most non-fasting recipes (fasting foods do not include any animal products.) Like ghee, Indian clarified butter, it stores well in the refrigerator. The recipe can be doubled easily. So, if you’re going … Continue reading