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Think hot sauce. Awaze is the Ethiopian version of hot sauce, but more like a paste. I’ve seen different styles of preparation with fresh red chilies and fresh green chilies but most common is the red paste that is also … Continue reading

Ethiopian spiced butter is the building block for most non-fasting recipes (fasting foods do not include any animal products.) Like ghee, Indian clarified butter, it stores well in the refrigerator. The recipe can be doubled easily. So, if you’re going … Continue reading

Spiced butter is another essential building block for most Ethiopian dishes. Butter is highly utilized in the Ethiopian culture. In the southern tribal region, butter is stored in gourds- sometimes for up to a year and is used generously for … Continue reading

Ethiopian food is spicy! Most stews and dishes get their heat from chili peppers in various assemblages. Although you can easily buy prepared spice mixes, most people prefer to make their own. Chilies are often seen throughout the city drying … Continue reading

Like a nose on the face of Africa, Ethiopia squats heavily in the horn of Africa, relatively twice the size of Texas. An ancient land, its been at the crossroads of trade between Christian, Arabic, and African influences for centuries. … Continue reading

I dreamed that my crush on Ethiopian food was going to turn into true love. Traveling there was like going on a promising first date. I was full of anticipation. The truth was that the food was entirely hit or … Continue reading