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Every Ethiopian I know says that Injera, the tangy crepe like bread that is the foundation for most meals, is an addiction. Once it becomes part of your daily diet, it’s very hard to go without it. Usually families will … Continue reading

This bread is habit forming. See earlier post on Spicy Sexy Teff Bread for details. Ingredients Yeast                                20 g, appx. half a block of fresh yeast or 2 Tbl. of dried yeast Teff flour                         400 g. teff flour or … Continue reading

In Addis Ababa you will find that neighborhoods are like villages. Clustered together, the shops fulfill the basic needs of any community; the baker, butcher, kiosk, fruit stand bus stop, etc…and in Addis local mills are essential. At the mill … Continue reading

Yesterday did some home experimenting making a variation of a yeasted bread inspired by Annebabro (a crispy injera sandwich with spicy buttery paste spread through the middle) using a mixture of two parts teff to one part wheat flour. Because … Continue reading