Warm Food, Cold Climate


My second child was born in the middle of a cold blustery night during a snow storm in upstate NY. In this climate, the winter baby spends the first few months of its life experiencing the world from the sheathes of a fuzzy swaddle. And me, the mom, I feel the same as I slowly get to know this new and place that we are calling home.

During our first month at home with the baby an Ethiopian friend brought us over a homemade meal that brought much nourishment and warmth to our house and hearts. There isn’t such an outstanding Ethiopian culture here, but she told me that there are a number of really good online sources for Ethiopian food and spices that can get you what you need just about anywhere in the US. I think we will be using them a lot.

Selam Baltena

Mesob Across America

Ethiopian Spices

Brundo Ethiopian Spices